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We aim to provide a better vanilla Ark experience through optimized rates, admin support and own development extending or adding new features that the standard game doesn't offer

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Boosted Experience X 1.5

Just enough to make it enjoyable butt not a grind.


Boosted Maturation Rates X 20

Our maturation rates provide optimum time efficiency for the player while preserving server life span.

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Boosted Taming X 10

We don't really see the point to stare at a dinosaur for 1+ hours to tame and feel that 10x its the sweet spot for this mechanic


Boosted Gathering X 1.5

A bit of an early grind but balanced overall with endgame in mind too.

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The Island v345.31 day 354
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Aberration v345.31 day 333
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Extinction v345.31 day 314
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Scorched v345.31 day 183
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